Monday, September 06, 2004

Blog tools

So I had a go at setting up .TEXT on my pc at home (running Windows XP SP2) hosted through my 1.5mbs Optusnet Cable connection. The thing was, Optusnet have blocked port 80 due to all the worms that were (and probably still are!) floating around the windows world. So I had to fire up my site on a different port (I used 8080) which is a pain to link to as we all know.

The bottom line was, .TEXT was a bit of a pain to get up and running. Actually, even after about 20 goes, I still hadn't got it going (maybe it was port 8080?). Just as I was about to download the source version of .TEXT and prepare to hack away, I thought better of it and went with Blogger.
(To Scott W - .text does rock though!)

Very happy so far, I initially started off with the intention of hosting the blog on my FTP server, but again I thought better of it. Why not have all my blogs managed, DRPed and up 24/7.

And it's free... which was nice


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