Sunday, September 19, 2004

Idle Weekend

This was most likely the last idle weekend i'll have before the moving activities really kick in. I spent it mosting doing reading and research on the web; that included catching up on some episodes of the .Net show and MSDN TV that I have been neglecting lately... also managed to wash the car and the bike. Watched two of the best games of footy I've seen all year, St Kilda v Port Adelaide and Brisbane v Geelong on friday/saturday night respectively.

Sunday was fantastic - sunny and clear in the afternoon, so Geoff my father in law and I went on an impromptu ride up to Kinglake and down through Yarra Glen. We got stuck behind a fair few slow cars on the way up the hill, and the same on the way down... still, a good way to waste an afternoon. The old girl (Yamaha SR250) did a respectable job, but I still can't wait to get rid of it and get something with a bit more grunt. Contemplating an Aprilia 125 or 250; can't see myselfa l really needing the power of itre sports bike (although 600 would be nice) given the huge cost of insurance, the fact that I won't be doing any track days, and that I generally respect speed limits.

The most likely situation is that the old girl will be running for a few years yet...


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