Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Life on the Coast

I've only been on the coast for a month now, still time enough for me to make a few comparisons (some dreadfully obvious - sorry):

  • Weather - hot & muggy compared to fricken hot and dry. Thunderstorms that actually rain when they go over you. Forecasts you can set your watch to.
  • Infrastructure - Footy oval-size roundabouts must be clearly cheaper than traffic lights up here - but they are growing on me. Then there's the whole broadband situation.
  • Economy - Finding a business that somehow indirectly doesn't support the tourism industry is difficult... Capital city economies seem to be more generic and self sufficient; not directly dependant on any one sector. Urban economics fascinate and befuddle me.
  • Flora - Palm trees seem to be the go in your garden up here.
  • TV - Free to air kicks but up here! 2 or three versions of every station, gives you Bris, GC and Sydney/NSW regional... crap reception where we are though. Never miss a cricket match on tellie because i'm in the same city.
  • Motorcyclists - Skin grafts must be cheap up here; most folk are happy with shorts and singlets. On a hot day I can't blame them though.
  • Houses - No heater. I was amazed when we moved in. Now I understand.
  • Shops - The general store/milk bar still has a place in society, as does the small to medium shopping centre. Brilliant.

These are just a few things I have noticed... as time goes by I will be surely assimilated into the collective and my perception of normal will conform.


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