Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Why I love reading tech blogs

Tech blogs rock. My favourites are Scott Hanselman, Don Box, Dan Appleman just to name three. Why do I like reading them so much? I liken it to the really smart person in your office coming up to you and telling you about something really cool that is useful to know. Then times that by a hundred people. But the best part is that with blogs, you can shut the door on all the office time wasters who want to impart 'wisdoms' on politics, sport or business.

btw - I especially love 'bug blogs' - entries where developers blog about bugs which they have discovered (especially when not in beta releases) and how to work around them. By being aware that a bug/trap exists and the scenarios in which I might come across it, that can save me time later. For this reason, I have decided to blog on more of my bug workarounds, or at least the ones that I can't find workarounds for on the web.


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