Friday, February 11, 2005

What apps do I use?

I was pondering the other day exactly which applications I use each day, and for how long. I thought "I could write a tray app to track my open windows..." but I managed to think better of it an downloaded a trial version of a product called SmartTime Work Tracker ( that gives me beautiful graphics on work split...


You can guess from this that I am in maintenance and testing mode of our web apps at the moment - the MS dev environment does not get a look in my top 10 apps (although it is there!).

I don't know that I will buy this product, but someone out there may find it useful, especially the ability to group apps by projects.

It answers my suspicion though - over a week I spend most of my time in IE!

-- Footnote to this:

This doesn't include my favourite app that I am using at the moment Given the thing is so damn fast I doubt I'd spend more than a minute a week in it.


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